Salman Hameed

Salman Hameed

Charles Taylor Chair and Associate Professor of Integrated Science and Humanities

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The Wright Show

  • Why the Quran doesn’t give rise to young-earth arguments – 11:47
  • Islam’s relationship with science – 7:19
  • The politicization of evolution in Muslim societies –
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SkA: Ibn-Sina and the Supernova of 1006 (Urdu)

In the year 1006 C.E. Ibn-Sina observed a bright new star appear in the night sky. He diligently took notes as the star faded over the next 3 months. Read More→

Science Ka Adda: Faculty Spotlight

Science Ka Adda is a video series created by Professor Salman Hameed and produced by students and staff at Hampshire College. Read More→

Making sense of Islamic creationism in Europe


Islamic creationism has been noted as a serious concern in Europe. There have been reports of boycotts of university evolution lectures and, Read More→

When evidence is powerless

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“My name is L.U.C.A.” (FM93.9-The River)
Mr. Universe

Perhaps it exists somewhere in the Vega star system, but this L.U.C.A. does not live on the second floor and it may hold the answer to the origin of life. Read More→

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A New Earth Just 4 Light Years Away? (FM93.9-The River)
Mr. Universe

It’s called Proxima b and, in astronomical measurements, it’s pretty close by.
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Mr. Khan and Mr. Trump (FM93.9-The River)
Mr. Universe

If there’s one thing Democrats and Republicans agree on, it’s how reprehensible Donald Trump’s comments about the late Army Captain, Humayun Khan. But Mr. Universe, Hampshire College Astronomer Salman Hameed-a Pakistani immigrant to this country, digs deeper into Trump’s bigotry. Read More→

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Religious Difference in a Secular Age
A fascinating interview of Saba Mahmood on religious minorities in the Middle East

The issue of minority rights in Muslim societies is often in the news these days. Plight of minorities sometimes show up on Irtiqa, as that is one of the countries that I am most familiar with. The state sanctioned persecution of Ahmadis, in particular, is hard to ignore. A new book by anthropologist Saba Mahmood, Religious Difference in a Secular Age: A Minority Report, looks at minority rights in the middle east – with a focus on Egypt – and challenges some of the conventional thinking about secularism. Read More→

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